Sunday 26 July 2015

"Many thanks for that, Shaun"

Andy Marr make a bit of a blunder this morning. You may already have heard about it. He said, "Many thanks for that, Shaun" to newsreader Sian Lloyd.

A Twitter frenzy doubtless ensued (though I haven't looked to make sure) accusing him of having made a sexist Freudian slip, showing that he really believes that all newsreaders should be male, #everydaysexism, and that he should be sacked.

Incidentally, why are all female presenters of BBC Breakfast called Sian? First there was Sian Williams, and now there's Sian Lloyd and Sian Munchetty.

Andy wasn't having a good morning because soon after that outrageous howler he held up the front page of the Sun on Sunday with its headline about a Labour peer, Lord Coke: Top peer’s drug binges with £200 prostitutes. Unfortunately, Andy Marr then read that out as "Tory peer".

He probably should have kept his glasses on. (I know I always keep mine on when reading out newspaper headlines on live TV - and I'm sure you probably do too).

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