Friday 24 July 2015

Just saying (again)

Like many other 'BBC bias watchers', I've almost grown to expect that the BBC will inevitably be 'coy' when it comes to reporting certain types of story, such as one of today's top new stories - the guilty verdicts against six "Asian" men in Aylesbury for sexually abusing two children.

However on this occasion the BBC led the way in reporting this today (nearly four hours ago). 

Google suggests it reported the verdicts faster than its media rivals and, having clicked on the story myself getting on for three hours ago, I can confirm that it was among the first to feature the names, ages and addresses of all the defendants under the headline Aylesbury child sex abuse trial: Six men found guilty

The BBC article recorded that six were found, guilty, four were either found not guilty or cleared, and the jury couldn't decide on the final case.

And yet within the past hour a comment has been posted elsewhere, asking (in reference to the story) "If I can find their names and ages so easily on the web carried by mainstream left wing media, why is the BBC so coy about telling us, and so concerned about covering up their identity?" 

And this was followed by another comment saying "and…BBC get it right...its 11 not 6 Islamic paedos". Well, given that five weren't found guilty - indeed, four of them were found innocent and explicitly judged by the jury not to be paedos - I'd say the BBC got it a lot more "right" that this commenter. And, on top of that, two of the defendants have Sikh-sounding rather than Islamic names (one was found guilty, the other cleared).

Sometimes I almost feel sorry for the BBC.


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