Thursday 29 October 2015

Holding post

Duncan Weldon, Kirsty Wark, Emily Maitlis

Sorry again for the lack of posts in recent days. 

Though something a little more substantial might arrive soon, and in anticipation of Halloween (where Newsnight presenters prowl the streets of Salford, hungry for EU referendum 'Leave' supporters' blood)...'s a joke from the brother of a famous BBC journalist/presenter (so, therefore, on topic):
I was stealing things in the supermarket today while balanced on the shoulders of vampires. I was charged with shoplifting on three counts.


  1. I'm not sure which is more sad: that joke, or the fact that I knew who the 'comedian' is without checking the link.

    1. I tried it out on people at work. It bombed.

    2. You've got yourself an avatar at last, David. A fine sentiment too - and it should be applied to the UK.

      It beats my old Haydn then singing blackbird avatars for relevance.

    3. That's from an old Blogger account. I have no idea how it's appeared here suddenly. My mac laptop has it in saved in one browser from way back when, and it's appeared once in a great while when I've posted using it, but I've never successfully signed into it on this computer. It just appeared last night when I submitted that comment. It doesn't seem to have been applied to previous comments here, but whatever. Come to think of it, I did sign in to a gmail account for a minute a couple days ago. But I have before on this browser, so who knows.

      It's from this print:

      ...which I have on a t-shirt from the "Rock the Vote" campaign to get young people registered to vote sponsored by MTV and various music celebutards in 1992. I didn't know at the time, but it was started by a Virgin records exec and some Democrat operatives. The whole thing was and still is a scam to get young people registered as Democrats. They successfully lobbied for a national voter registration Act, allowing just about anyone to set up a voter registration booth anywhere. At rock concerts, for example.

      I found out accidentally because I was working at Tower Records at the time, and we were putting Rock the Vote fliers in the bag with every purchase. This was in Mesa, AZ, so it wasn't long before someone came in and complained that when they called the number it was all about getting them to register Democrat. First of many complaints. It became apparent soon enough that the goal was to get Bill Clinton elected with the help of MTV celebutards.

      It's still a good image and sentiment, and I wear it ironically on occasion, like when I went down to talk to the Occupiers in Zuccotti Park. They were, of course, all about censoring views they didn't like while shouting "This is what democracy looks like!"


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