Friday 9 October 2015

Fulsome apologies from the BBC

You may be surprised to hear that the BBC...yes, the BBC (I kid you not)...has been apologising profusely in the past few days. 

Well twice...

...but given that BBC apologies are as rare as hens' teeth that's almost a deluge.

The latest entry on the corporation's Corrections and Clarifications page appears to see them apologising to those nice people at Hizb ut-(Terror)-Tahrir:

And we now learn (from Conservative Woman and others) that the BBC has also been apologising to an atmospheric scientist at Manchester University (Andy Smedley) over that sceptical Quentin Letts's What is the point of...? programme about the Met Office (and climate change).

Although it looks to have taken two months (from 5 August to the 6 October) from Andy Smedley to get his fulsome apology from the BBC, a fulsome apology it turned out to be - and far more fulsome than anything I've ever received!

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  1. I don't think even Lord McAlpine got such a groveling apology. Complaints from both sides, the end.


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