Thursday 1 October 2015

'Not linked to feet'

One thing I heard as I was driving to work this morning was an interview on Today with a female surgeon alleging sexism in the operating theatre (a very BBC story). 

Reporter Sima Kotecha gave the accusing surgeon, Dr Jyoti Shah, a respectful hearing...and Sima's online report - the only report about it on the BBC website (besides a link to that Today interview) - also gave Dr Shah something of a clear run.

Oddly, it fell to the Daily Mail to provide a scrupulously balanced version of the story. In the  Mail's take, Dr Shah is quoted at length, but another female surgeon, Gill Tierney, is also quoted at length disputing her points. 

(Both reports also feature another female surgeon making what uncharitable types might describe as fence-sitting comments.) 

Incidentally, the only other BBC News website report I can see featuring the selfsame Jyoti Shah comes from 2002 (during her UCL days). It's title is: Penis size 'not linked to feet'

Just thought you'd like to know that.

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  1. My wife could have told her that without having to train as a doctor.


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