Friday 2 October 2015

Oh Victoria!!!

I had to smile at this comment at Biased BBC - especially as the commenter's description of BBC Business Live's Aaron Heslehurst is both spot-on and funny:

“So, what does the Chairman of the Bank of England know about climate change?”
“Perhaps he’s going for his next job”
Sometimes, occasionally, a glimmer of off-message truth and insight breaks through on the BBC airwaves.
BBC Business Live’s hyper-active male presenter Aaron Haslehurst (think Robert Peston’s peculiar intonation plus a bit of Aussie fast spin) breaks rule number one this morning at BBC Central by questioning the climate credentials of one of the great and good. Then his side-totty shows she’s not just a display item by firing an off-the-cuff laser-guided shot raising the possibilty Carney might just be polishing his CV for that next big One World Government jobbie.
That’s what they used to call ‘speaking truth to power’
More, please.
The exchange (transcribed for posterity) ran as follows:
Victoria Fritz, BBC: We're going to start with this story. This is in the New York Times today. This is about India, and India being under a lot of pressure to reduce its emissions. We've heard a lot about climate change in recent days - even from Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, wading in on this as well... 
Aaron Heslehurst, BBC (interrupting): What does the governor of the Bank of England know about climate change??!! 
Richard Fletcher, The Times: I'm not sure. You tell me! [laughter from Aaron and Richard]
Victoria Fritz: Maybe he's gunning for his next job, yeah? 
Aaron Heslehurst: Oh Victoria!!!
Victoria Fritz: But back to this story. India is the third biggest polluter in the world. It's under a lot of pressure, but of course poverty...or reducing poverty...has got to be its number one priority?


  1. Victoria Fritz ? Aaron Heslehurst ? Are these real people ? I think you are making it up now , Craig. Or the BBC are having a laugh. They will soon have a bigger population than the UK.
    But, it would never occur to any journalist that the Governor of the Bank of England may know more about Climate Change than any of them.

    1. Oh Victoria, Grant!!!
      You really should look out for Aaron Heslehurst. He's quite something. He makes Robert Peston look like a shrinking violet. He's the most excitable reporter in the world - fun but exhausting to watch.
      If you've never seen him, he's like a frenetic Duracell Bunny.
      I imagine him morphing into Kramer from 'Seinfeld' in a few years time.

    2. I obviously don't watch enough BBC, Craig. And sometimes wonder if you are not a closet Beeboid. I mean, I can live without the BBC , but can you ? I sometimes wonder how many BBC presenters are on , how shall I put it, medication.

    3. I confess, I am a closet Beeboid. I'm actually Mark Easton in disguise. Bring on drugs liberalisation and mass immigration!

    4. If Carney is a Warmist then he knows about the same as your average Beeboid.


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