Saturday 10 October 2015

Tired of waiting

The BBC has been largely ignoring the escalating troubles in Israel. Sky has covered it, albeit problematically. By that I mean that they gave equal airtime to two experts, only one of whom was sane. That’s balance for you.

I usually complain that the BBC is unhealthily obsessed with Israel, at least with regard to Gaza and the West Bank, but in this instance a little background would not have gone amiss. 
My grievance with the BBC for not reporting the violent clashes in the West Bank up till now is that they seem to be waiting for Israel to act before suddenly deciding that it’s news. Then they can imply that Israel is overreacting. 
However Ismail Haniyeh has said this is the third intifada, so I guess that justifies sending in Orla.

She’s so empathetic with the Palestinians - I understand that she’s married to “an Arab” - that she ended her report with the most bizarre statement I’ve heard for a long time. Referring to the rock-throwing, stabbing, brainwashed delinquents rushing round screaming “Allahu Ackbar” with whom she identifies, Orla said:  
“The unrest is spreading, carried forward by those who are tired of waiting for a Palestinian state.”
“Tired”? Yep. They look positively exhausted. 
“Waiting”?  That’s not any kind of waiting that I recognise. Even if it were, ‘waiting for a Palestinian state’ how?  Are they hoping a Palestinian State will come along and park beside them, rampaging mob that they are - like a double decker?

By that token Orla, are ISIS beheading and butchering people because they’re “tired of waiting for an Islamic State?”

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