Thursday 8 October 2015

Lemon drizzle

I only watched a few parts of a couple of episodes of Bake Off because I hate watching mini disasters; I’m quite overwhelmed with empathetic anxiety and trepidation when contestants gingerly carry their precariously wobbly and fragile creations over to the Joodges. 
Oh, imminent calamity! I’m thinking while watching through my fingers.  No thanks.

Congratulations to the winner Nadiya though. Her lemon-drizzle wedding cake was a masterful example of precision and artistry and Mary Berry said it tasted really lemony and delicious too. 

Double admiration for Nadiya for producing such perfect creations whilst wearing a headscarf. I’m not being nasty (as people are apt to say before being nasty) but domestic chores are a whole lot more awkward while wearing anything dangling or restrictive.
I know there was a lot of hooha about positive racial / religious/ multicultural  discrimination  on the part of the BBC, but in this case I don’t think it mattered because Nadiya seemed genuinely talented and an all-round good egg, and at least her triumph should give the grievance-mongers one less thing to gripe about.

and the winner is....

However it did strike me that it would make a cracking comedic sketch. Bake-off in a burka.


  1. Whilst I agree that Nadya seemed a nice person and best baker on the day, I still feel irritated that the editorial team seemed the Beeb's manipulative selves. There were weeks when Nadya's work appeared not as good as it was praised for being and others eg Flora, the judges appeared unduly harsh. For example the buns last night, Nadya was praised for her even icing piping skills, yet they were definitely a bit wobbly in places. Think back to Brendon a couple of series ago; now that was piping skills to be praised. I just hate been manipulated by the BBC even for Bake Off where producers cannot let a bit of fun remain without trying to manipulate things. They have admitted to considering the ethnic mix and to consider who can speak whilst cooking. I bet things were left more to themselves in the early series and all the better for it.

  2. The last time I saw lemon drizzle cake on TV it was made by Mary Berry !


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