Sunday, 6 November 2016

Jo Coburn incites Polly Toynbee into smearing Nigel Farage

JoCo holds court

Talking about today's The Sunday Politics, I've read on other sites criticism of Polly Toynbee for accusing Nigel Farage of 'inciting' violence on the streets during his Marr interview. What they missed was that the accusation first came from Jo Coburn. Polly was merely answering (and running with) a point first suggested by the BBC presenter: 
Right, Nigel Farage says, "Believe you me, if the people in this country think that they’re going to be cheated, they’re going to be betrayed, then we will see political anger the likes of which none of us in our lifetimes have ever witnessed in this country". Does that sound like he's inciting some action on the streets?
Why didn't she quote what Nigel said almost immediately after the bit she quoted?
Let’s have peaceful protest and let’s make sure in any form of election we don’t support people who want to overturn this process.
 That was really quite disgraceful from Jo Coburn. 

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