Saturday 7 January 2017

'Like a cup of cold sick’

The BBC itself is in the news at the moment.

Theresa May has snubbed the BBC by giving her first TV interview of the year to Sky News.

It's apparently been a 'convention' that the BBC, in the shape of The Andrew Marr Show, gets the first bite of the prime ministerial cherry every year (so to speak).

But not this year.

The papers quote a government spokesman saying:
The BBC have such a sense of entitlement that they couldn’t believe the PM would want to sit down with anyone else for the start of the year interview. 
This will be a good lesson for them.
According to The Spectator, the move has gone down "'like a cup of cold sick’ with the upper echelon of the Beeb".

Cue Sgt Major Williams again:


  1. The BBC isn't happy that Theresa May decided to give an opportunity to a woman trying to succeed in her new job rather than prop up the patriarchal hegemony in journalism.

    1. That's one way of looking at it; perhaps, on the other hand, after enduring six years of negative BBC bias, the Government has simply decided to put the Corporation in its place. Perhaps the new White House will adopt the same approach to the Beeb. After a year or so of such treatment, Kuenssberg & Co. might be forced into a reluctant 'impartiality'.

    2. It is quite interesting to see the BBC and other "MSM" having to report on DT's tweets rather than interviews.

      It will interesting to see whether he accommodates the White House press corps on Air Force 1 and give them the same privileged access that St. Obama has done. It would be even more interesting if organisations were told that individuals were no longer persona grata too.


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