Saturday 8 September 2018

All the news that's fit to bury

Talking of 'burying in Berkshire' or 'hiding in Herts'...

I've also seen the claim today that the BBC isn't reporting that the Iranian regime's PRESS TV (banned by Ofcom) broadcast live from the CLP meeting where Labour Friends of Israel chair Joan Ryan lost a vote of no confidence. After all, the Sky News website considered it important enough to make it headline news ("Investigation launched after Iranian state TV films private Labour meeting"), and so did the Guardian ("Iranian TV station banned in UK shows footage of Labour vote"). 

Ah but, you see, the BBC News website did report it. They updated an earlier report about the votes against Ms Ryan and Gavin Shuker. And, if you scroll down ten paragraphs though the piece, you'll find it mentioned there. 



The Rachel Papers

Rachel Schofield

By the way, if you want to see the difference between a typical BBC News paper review and a Sky News paper review, then please click on and watch the following clips from last night concerning this very story, as reported on the front page of the Daily Telegraph:

The difference is extraordinary, isn't it?

The Sky presenter (Anna Jones) introduced the story straight and without expressing her own view and let her guests get on and discuss it, and her guests - highly contrasted in their views - duly discussed it and disagreed about it (vigorously).

The BBC presenter (Rachel Schofield) introduced the story in a mocking tone and repeatedly signalled her view that the Telegraph had gone too far and intervened in the following discussions to re-signal that view, and her guests - nowhere near so highly contrasted in their views - duly discussed it and agreed with her and each other (with much nodding of heads all round).

I prefer Sky's way.


  1. Anna Jones is good on the Press Preview, unlike some of the panel members who are insanely annoying. She is very calm and usually only interjects to add something to inform the discussion.

    1. I think it's because I blog about BBC bias that I don't watch Sky anywhere near enough and why I was so struck by the contrast between the opinionated interventionist BBC presenter and the calmly professional, hands-off Anna Jones. And Sky does seem to put a lot more effort into finding guests who don't think alike.

    2. Yes, Anna Jones is modest and unshowy but she knows her stuff. They do pair them, usually a lefty and a righty. The most popular pair, who have a following, are Andrew Pierce and Kevin Maguire. They do Wednesday night and it is usually a good old knockabout. No other pairing has the fun element that they have.

      The mild and soft-spoken Tom Newton Dunn is sometimes paired with a loud talkative one such as Ayesha Hazarika. She does the rounds of Sky and BBC. They have Jenny Kleeman with Stig Abell, two leftish types. Isabel Oakeshott with Sonia Sodha, Fazia someone from a leftwing think tank with maybe someone from Spiked: Brendan O'Neill or Tom Slater, Carole Malone with Stig Abell sometimes; Rachel Shabi maybe with Spiked or Tim Stanley. Susie Boniface is another. Christina Patterson with Matthew Syed: I think they do Saturday nights. Another one is that mild mannered PR consultant who used to be a Conservative advisor, can't think of his name, who was nearly flattened by the non-stop talking Sonia Sodha and didn't come back for several months. Some of them are so unbearable that I resort to the mute button or if it's really bad, turn off altogether. Maybe I should try the BBC!


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