Sunday 23 September 2018

Are you an antisemite?

Just think. If Labour hoovers up all those frustrated Remain voters, the prospect of a Corbyn PM immediately becomes more real.
Now, it could be a mere matter of arithmetical calculation between dumping all those working-class traditional Labour supporters who voted ‘ Leave’ - (but many of those are alienated already, what with open borders and mass Muslim immigration) - and gaining the 48 per cent. (But would the middle-class Remainers really stomach all that redistribution of wealth and enforced equality of outcome?) 

Anyway, the prospect of a hard left government is bad enough, without the thinly disguised antisemitism in the form of all those imaginary lifetimes spent opposing antisemitismandIslamophobia and all forms of racism apart from anti-Zionism.

Jeremy Corbyn is a preposterous figure. His resemblance to Wilfred Brambell isn’t just a joke, like pretending Nicola Sturgeon is interchangeable with Wee Jimmy Crankie. (Well, she is a bit )
No. Jeremy Corbyn’s reedy little voice is exactly like old man Steptoe’s, and the way he pronounces certain vowels - for example listen to the way he says “those” - there’s a ‘w’ in there somewhere. Andrew Marr should have asked him to say “‘orse and cart” just to show us where we really are and what’s what.

Bedazzled by that kiss from Joanna Lumley perhaps, Andrew Marr failed miserably when interrogating the deceitful old weasel about antisemitism. There they sat, face to face, fish in a barrel. Lights, camera, action, and Marr snatches failure from the jaws of a sitting duck. 

How could anyone elicit anything new by confronting him with the exact same selection of incidents that have been gone over a million times? We’ve heard the same old evasive answers and limp excuses a million times already. Well rehearsed. For goodness sake what does the BBC (we, the licence fee payer) pay you for, Andrew Marr? We need our interlocutors to be incisive and steely; to wrong-foot our weasels, expose their weaknesses and force them to confront their own shortcomings.

Bags packed.


  1. Yes - it's a great pity Corbyn wasn't up against Andrew Neil, who would have filleted him.

  2. This country is on a knife edge. All our old values are being assailed. Free speech is virtually extinct in many respects. People are fearful of speaking their minds for fear of the implications for their jobs, their education, their careers, their social standing or their liberty. Anyone who steps outside the PC Magic Circle is immediately set upon, hounded, have their lives attacked by multiple wrecking balls.

    We now have the prospect of the following in the next few months:

    1. The overturning of a democratic vote that Parliament and all party leaders told us would be definitive and final.

    2. The appointment of the first ever extreme Marxist Prime Minister who has expressed strong support for enemies of the British people such as the IRA. He has announced clearly that he intends to restrict the free press.

    3. The capture of one of our two leading political parties by a Marxist, pro-terror pressure group.

    4. Further government backed restrictions on free speech on the internet.

    1. In the event of a Corbyn led Labour Government, London would descend into the status of a third world economy virtually overnight. All the capital, talent and larhe scale wealth creators would find a way to leave London. Left would be the massive population that now thinks London is a socialist paradise.

  3. Andrew Marr has already told us that there is “not an anti-Semitic bone in Jeremy Corbyn’s body”. We can’t be too surprised. Activism has almost entirely replaced journalism at the BBC. One might take a certain perverse pleasure that in the event of a Corbyn government all this will come back to bite them. Unfortunately it will bite us even harder.

  4. WOW this blog is called IS THE BBC BIASED.

    How ironic this very blog is biased against Corbyn. You tories have stabbed the working class in the back. Shame on you and damn your propaganda and damn your snooper's charter. Pathetic traitors.


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