Sunday 2 September 2018

Is 'The Bodyguard' biased?

Spoilers alert (if you've not already seen it)....

As I rarely watch BBC dramas I can't say if this, from Laura Perrins at The Conservative Woman, is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the much-talked-about The Bodyguard but it made me smile and it sounds like typical BBC drama to me. 

It's just that so many people I know have been watching it and said they're finding it gripping. How tonight's episode hits them I'll doubtless hear tomorrow. 

  • Admit it, every girl wants her own Specialist Protection Officer.
  • Indeed, the BBC can stick in as many women as they want as snipers, bomb disposal experts, or boss of The Bodyguard himself, but although this may thrill the feminists, it is not what brings in the viewers. 
  • You realise this is just Beauty and the Beast with guns, right? Can Julia tame Budd? That's the only question we want answered. 
  • OMG. You realise this the part where Budd runs across the stage and flings himself in front of the bullet coming Julia's way?
  • BBC logic on the The Bodyguard. Unpaid internships cause Islamic extremism and terrorism. Genius.
  • As I was saying: OMG. This is the part where Budd runs across the stage and flings himself in front of the bullet coming Julia's way?
  • David Budd is a really crappy protection officer. I hope he was dynamite in the sack to make up for his awfulness on the job. 
  • If the BBC in The Bodyguard are going to make out traumatised war veterans are bigger threat to the UK than Islamic terrorism then they can f*ck right off.

Have any of you been watching it? Does "BBC logic on the The Bodyguard. Unpaid internships cause Islamic extremism and terrorism. Genius" and "If the BBC in The Bodyguard are going to make out traumatised war veterans are bigger threat to the UK than Islamic terrorism then they can gosh darn it right off" sum up tonight's 'message'?

It wouldn't surprise me in the least if this was the case but I have no intention whatsoever of checking it out for myself. There are limits beyond which this blogger will not go - and watching BBC drama is one of them! 😃


  1. I was watching it out of the corner of my eye while focussing on more interesting screen this site. :)

    It's deffo a kind of updated chick-lit-TV...Like Laura I have been amazed at the huge number of females in key positions in anti-terrorism and so on in roles that in the real world are dominated by testosteroned-up men.

    I've been watching it more for the (unintended) laughs. The robo-scot Bodyguard is hilarious in his intensity and incompetence.

    Haven't really been following the plot but I think it highly unlikely the Muslim guy actually planted the bomb...must be the Tory toff who featured in a prior scene.

    The funniest scene was the opening one with the Hijabed woman (poorly acted)who really didn't want to press the button on her suicide bomb belt...and who bonded with the Iraq veteran, yeah...of course.

    Looking at Jed Mercurio's twitter we learn he doesn't like Brexit...but otherwise it seems to be just unsubtle self-publicity. I enjoyed his Line of Duty, while not taking it too seriously...but I think he may be out of his depth with this political thriller.

    1. Line of Duty was excellent. Really disappointing to see a talented writer succumb to this diversity nonsense. Will continue to watch - only because it's on for the wife. Made for the ladies. I've been told that the BBC drama department is now stuffed with females.

  2. No I'm not watching it. I thought it was a film. People tweeting as they watch seems weird to me. I know it's popular and all that. Being connected. Some people never switch off apart from when they sleep.

    1. What did people do before they were connected? Snooze in armchairs with newspapers over their faces. The modern world has many faults but connectedness is not one of them in my view. In my view what we are seeing now is the elite fighting back against connectedness. the last thing they want is people connected, discussing, learning. They want a pliant population prepared to be fed lies.

  3. The writer claims that he never gave it a thought that nearly all the main characters are female - he either drinks oestrogen with his soy milk or is a liar, or both.
    I only watched the first episode because it was on in the house that I visited and I was pretty sure it would turn out to be more BBC 'educational material' - Love The Muslims, Hate The Tories.
    Are suicide belts really operated by red buttons? If I was making such a belt I would make it so the button had to be released to operate it, just in case a hot-shot female sniper 'took out' my operative, but then Bodyguard is more likely to be about social engineering than ordnance engineering.

    1. Are you having a laugh??

      BBC hates Tories? Why do they keep crapping on Corbyn and calling him anti-semitic ?

      BBC is in bed with Blairites and Tories, enemies of the working class.

      But I'll tell you this. This show has truth and propaganda together. Truth that the state is spying on us with corrupt GCHQ, MI5 and who knows what other organisations. But their feminist propaganda is disgusting. Watch out for tricks like this.

      The first episode made it so obvious with how many women were in masculine roles. Social engineering from the ruling class. They want the men weak and to divide men and women so we don't go after the bankers, crooked politicians and other parasites who control our country.

      I am proudly left wing but not a feminist/Social Justice Warrior loser. The former scares the ruling class and the latter makes them laugh.

  4. In one of the earlier episodes, there was a dummy news report set out within the BBC News Channel format, with the voices of Laura Kuenssberg and John Pienaar 'covering the story'. Why should they allow their voices to be used in this way? Is the call for self-promotion and renown so strong that any publicity is a good tactic to enhance their self-esteem? Giving the importance of their positions within the BBC, fictitious storylines are a must to avoid.


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