Wednesday 12 September 2018


In just the past few days a scandal broke about an anti-Israel activist, Ewa Jasiewicz, who spray-painted pro-Palestinian graffiti on one of the last surviving walls of the Warsaw ghetto being invited to speak at the fringe of this year's Labour Party conference. It later emerged that Jeremy Corbyn had (surprise, surprise) called her a "very good friend". Oh, and it then turned out that she'd once called for “activists” to “do” the Israeli parliament or “a sophisticated politician bump-off like the PFLP”. And overnight the Huffington Post has broken a story about one of Mr. Corbyn's top aides "routinely working in Parliament without the required security clearance":
HuffPost UK can reveal that Iram Awan, the Labour leader’s Private Secretary, has not had her application approved by the authorities on the advice of the security services, due to questions over known associates... 
The practice of Corbyn’s office regularly escorting Awan into the building appears to be a clear breach of Parliament’s rules on security which forbid anyone from working on the Parliamentary estate without approval. 
Why isn't this all over BBC News? 

It makes me think that there might be something in what Dan Hodges tweeted yesterday:

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  1. Yes,it works...just like the absurd off-the-planet Adonis/Campbell complaints about anti-Remain bias are working with Newsnight bringing in a Remainer Columnist segment on Newsnight to allow completely unchallenged Remain propaganda an outing (don't be fooled by the licensed jester Peter Hitchens being allowed on occasionally).


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