Monday 24 September 2018

Did Barry Gardiner ask Diane Abbott to time the Marr Show for him?

So shadow cabinet member Barry Gardiner (he of the silv'ry voice) has complained to the BBC about The Andrew Marr Show

It was Andrew's "grilling" of Jeremy Corbyn over antisemitism that got Mr Gardiner's goat:
It is perfectly legitimate to question Jeremy about this but to spend 24 minutes on it and six on Brexit - it was in my view bad editorial judgement.
Unfortunately, Mr Gardiner's stopwatch must have been faulty, or maybe he got Diane Abbott to do the timings, because the whole interview lasted 24 minutes. 

As for the true breakdown of the interview, well, the first eight minutes were spent on Brexit, 11 minutes on antisemitism and five minutes on Labour domestic policies.  

And to think this man could be a government minister in the not-too-distant future! 


  1. For me it's slithery rather than silvery voice, to the point where I can't listen to it.

    Remember Stephen Byers, Blair's Minister for education and employment who answered 54 when asked to multiply 8 by 7 in an interview about a government scheme to promote numeracy?

  2. His voice is silken, like that of the spider inviting the fly to rest a while on its web.

    1. Something beginning with s and something crafty. Could be sleekit?


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