Thursday 13 September 2018

Despite repeated warnings...

Did you hear Sir Paul McCartney on this morning's Today?

His BBC interviewer, Mark Savage, has now written it all up for the BBC News website...

...and his report contains a turn of phrase (from Mark himself) that caught my eye:  

Is it fair then to say that, despite repeated warnings, BBC reporters keep on expressing themselves in ways which seem to show their personal approval for controversial statements (here about Donald Trump and climate change 'deniers')?

That said, the interview itself caught my ear by featuring a particularly fine new Macca song - very catchy (and Beatles-like). The man can certainly still write a good tune:


  1. Macca's political interventions have never been that helpful or wise. His single "Give Ireland Back to the Irish" didn't exactly bring immediate peace to Northern Ireland back in the early 70s.

    Hmmm as for the new song...well I'm sure I heard Ian Dury's "S*x and Drugs and Rock n Roll" riff at 1:56. :) But nice that he's still pumping it out at such an advanced age. :) As for the theme, I think Trump had a more honest take...if you're a multi-millionaire male celebrity, you don't have to worry about women coming on to you, or maybe you only have to worry about their sincerity level.

    1. The weird thing about that new song is that it kept reminding me of something familiar from the '80s in its harmony and that peculiar melodic kick. Then it came to me. Them having copied him over 'Dear Prudence', he's copied them. It's Siouxsie and the Banshees and 'Peek a Boo':


      (Should a Banshee sue Sir Paul for plagiarism? Or just report him to South Yorkshire Police?)


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