Saturday 29 September 2018

Tropical Trump

Today's From Our Own Correspondent began by focusing on the frontrunner in the upcoming Brazilian election.

The BBC presenter (Kate Adie) and BBC correspondent (Katy Watson) strew around a fair few adjectives about this man, Jair Bolsonaro. According to them he's "controversial", "right-wing", "notorious", "sexist", "homophobic" and "infamous". Plus he argues some things "falsely" and is guilty of "scaremongering". 

Maybe it's just me but I couldn't help getting the feeling that they weren't that keen on him. 

As for his likely left-wing opponent in the second round, he was described as "left-wing" and...oh, nothing else. So he must be OK then. 

The title of today's episode on the BBC website is:

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  1. Reminds me...the BBC hated Duarte being elected as President of the Philippines...personally I didn't like him much either...but after a flurry of reports, I've heard v. little about his Presidency from the BBC...they have to devote all their reporting resources to Donald Trump don't they?

    Anyway, Duarte is definitely a populist - not my type of populist - but a populist nonetheless...

    I wonder if the reason the BBC is ignoring him is because the Philippino economy is booming at 6.8% growth rate.

    While I was researching that figure, I noted that Ethiopia has had an average GDP growth rate of an incredible 9.8%. What great news! but it points out how much the BBC is addicted to presenting bad news stories from Africa. I am really interested to hear about how some African countries are dragging themselves out of poverty. The BBC isn't. They just want to feed us gargantuan amounts of anti-Trump and anti-Brexit propaganda.


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