Tuesday 25 September 2018

Speaking for the Palestinian people

No Pasaran!!
Emily Thornberry being given a standing ovation by people wearing PSC badges after an impassioned speech about defeating racial hatred, and screeching “No Pasaran!” was bizarre. What’s she on about now? Oh, it’s the fascists; like the EDL.

Not sure, but I think she means Islamophobia - she’s bothered about racism at any rate. Palestinian flag, anyone?

"I'm speaking for the Palestinian people." But why? Why is  Harlow delegate Colin Monehen speaking up for the Palestinian people in particular?

I like the injection of poetry though. It would be a nice touch if the Harlow delegate ended his speech by disappearing like a snowflake in the hot sun. Instead, he enjoyed a warm, appreciative handshake from the leader of Her Majesty’s disloyal opposition.


  1. Shouting "No Pasaran!" is what you do if you want to claim you have been "fighting racism all your life". Waving a Palestinian flag helps as well. Emily Thornbury is now being touted as a future leader by her fellow idiots. I noticed during Politics Live at the Labour Party Conference today the female representative on the Momentum stand appeared to have a Palestinian flag wrapped around her neck. I can't say for sure as it wasn't unfurled, but it sure as hell wasn't a Union Jack.

    1. It's interesting you use the word "idiots". I have been thinking of Labour as "The Party of Idiocy" for the last few days. Venezualan economics, PC madness, educational vandalism, pro-Hamas and EU-crazy.

      No wonder McDonnell appears as some kind of intellectual giant among these low IQ types.

      On Sky News there were the usual suspects waving their little Palestinian flags during interviews, ensuring they were in camera shot. Next year: Hamas flags.

  2. Seriously, who is voting for these morons?

  3. God, I just had the misfortune of catching a rerun of that Thornberry speech. Multiple property owning Lady Nugee put on one of the most vomit- inducing performances I've ever seen, remarkable for its insincerity, its duplicity, its rabble-rousing, its call for the abolition of free speech, and its pandering to hatemongering Hamas.

  4. Why can’t people see that these morons only offer division and hatred, no alternative policies other than to take from one group and give it to another.


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