Monday 10 September 2018

Quite lazily

The BBC's Brussels reporter Adam Fleming was on today's Politics Live and made an interesting comment about the Sweden Democrats - and, indirectly, criticised his own BBC News colleagues:
I think there'll be a sigh of relief this morning that the Sweden Democrats, who are often labelled, quite lazily, as "Nazi roots" or "hard right" - they think lots of things - didn't do nearly as well as people expected.
The BBC has been front and centre (but probably not far-right) in using those very terms, and other similar ones. "A party with roots in the Neo-Nazi movement", in particular, has barely been off the lips of BBC newsreaders and reporters in recent days. 

All credit to Adam then for calling them out on their laziness. 


  1. The BBC, an organisation with its roots in the oppressive and racist British Empire, run by a Fascist sympathiser.

  2. They nearly wore out those words about the neo-Nazi roots. Why couldn't they just call them an anti-immigration party? Short for an anti-hordes-of-young-immigrant-males-pretending-to-be-child-refugees party.

  3. I heard a reporter on PM yesterday who was surprised that the Sweden Democrats were not homophobic ! He mused maybe it’s a not too simple to call them “far right” ...

    for me this is just cynical ... after the election the BBC let the truth creep out ... before the election when they can possibly influence votes , they label swedes democrats as Nazis


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