Friday 14 September 2018

Uncomfortable moments

If you had doubts about Mishal Husain's interviewing skills after reading the transcript in the previous post, then you're probably not alone. 

Even the lady herself has doubts. 

The Daily Mailreporting from her latest book plug, records her saying that it's taken her three years to begin to feel "more at ease" at Today

"In fact, I still have many uncomfortable moments, and times when I come off air and think - I'm not cut out for this job!", she said. 

Aren't people horrible though? I can hardly bring myself to trawl through and copy-and-paste some of the responses, but (in the interests of disinterested blogging) I'm just going to have to force myself:

  • Take it from me, you couldn't be any 'more' cut out for the job!
  • A "cut out" would have just as much personality.
  • Those worries are well founded. She is utterly dreadful. As is the whole program now. Time to go.
  • That's it, write a book about how bad you are. Now leave and get a job you are good at. Look up The Peter Principle.

How mean!

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  1. These hyper-successful media women from wealthy family backgrounds - people like Mishal Husain and Katty Kay - really have nothing to worry about at all, and never did. They are all writing these books preying on real female anxiety. It's cynical and objectionable.

    Of course ever since the Brexit vote, I noticed the BBC has been promoting anxiety to the nation - you might say pushing it, like a drug. There have been countless programmes encouraging people to be anxious about the future, to feel personal anxiety, to describe the ordinary ups and downs of life as mental health symptoms and to glorify poor lifestyle choices as mental illnesses. So all of a piece. People with the right attitude to such issue - people like Jordan Peterson are treated to scorn and intense scrutiny. All the anxiety peddlers are allowed to spout statistical rubbish like it's holy writ and unchallengeable.

    So many reasons to feel contempt for the BBC.


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