Tuesday 11 September 2018

BBC reporter criticises US administration. Dog bites man.

The US State Department has confirmed it's ordered the closure of the Washington mission of the Palestine Liberation Organisation. A statement said that PLO leaders had failed to engage with US efforts to bring about peace with Israel, and had attempted to prompt an investigation of Israel by the International Criminal Court. A senior Palestinian official called the decision a 'dangerous escalation'. 


  1. Is Ghattas still employed by the BBC? It's not clear at all. Her website makes it sound like she isn't. But her twitter email address has BBC in it...

    If she is with the BBC sill then what does she do other than accompany Hillary on planes? It seems to be very, very little. And how much is she paid out of our licence fee money?

    However I think she might be on the foreign policy institute circuit - Fake Academia as opposed to Fake News.

    1. She seems to be embedded with the Carnegie Endowment for Peace as their "journalist-in-residence". Even that doesn't clear it up. It calls her a "BBC journalist". I'm guessing she's on a sabbatical from the BBC.



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