Friday 7 September 2018

Britain to fund incitement against Israel

I’ve been looking at Twitter. Particularly all those disturbing threads about Joan Ryan. 1930s Germany comes to mind.  I do realise that even people like Nick Robinson and David Blunkett have mentioned it on the Today Programme, so let’s hope that bringing the issue into the public domain will shame the perpetrators and kill it off altogether, but no-one should hold their breath.

Have a look at this  (JTA)
The British government and other donors to the Palestinian education system will undertake a review of incitement against Israel and Jews in Palestinian textbooks.
“There is no place in education for materials or practices that incite young minds toward violence,” Parliament member Alistair Burt, a Foreign Office minister, said during a debate Wednesday in the House of Commons, the British parliament’s lower house, on incitement in Palestinian Authority textbooks. 
“Our continued support will come with a continued strong challenge to the Palestinian Authority on education-sector incitement,” he added. “We are in the final stages of discussions to take forward a textbook review jointly with other donors.” 
The review should be completed by September 2019, he added. The review will be “evidence-based and rigorous,” Burt also said. 
The debate was convened at the request of lawmaker Joan Ryan, chair of the Labour Friends of Israel. 
Ryan quoted examples from a report from October about a reform in the Palestinian Authority curriculum. The changes it brought meant that “radicalization is pervasive across this new curriculum, to a greater extent than before,” according to the report by the Israel-based Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education. 
One book for 11th graders, “Islamic Education, Vol. 1,” states that: “The corruption of the children of Israel in the land was and will be the cause of their annihilation, and this Islamic creed applies to every tyrant and oppressor.” 
Another book for 10th graders, titled “Arabic Language, Vol. 1,” ignores Jewish presence in the Land of Israel or depicts it as a common cause against which Muslims and Christians must do battle. 
Separately, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop announced on July 2 that Australia would cease its funding to the Palestinian Authority altogether over its salaries for terrorists jailed in Israel, including murderers.

Next thing we see... (here in the Financial Times and also in The Times) - September 2018
The UK will give an extra £7m to the UN agency assisting Palestinian refugees, partially compensating for US President Donald Trump’s decision to cut US funding. On Friday, the US decided not to go ahead with a proposed $65m in funds for the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees. Jeremy Hunt, the UK Foreign Secretary, said on Tuesday: “We don’t agree with the American administration’s decision on this issue . . . We’ll be talking to other donors as well to see if we can make up the gap in funding to UNRWA.” 
Germany has already pledged to increase its funding for UNRWA by a “significant”, unspecified amount. In total, the UK has now increased funding for UNRWA this year from £28.5m to £45.5m. 
Foreign Office minister Alistair Burt said the money would help keep open schools in the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan and Lebanon. “The question is: if UNRWA does not provide the education, who might?” he told parliament. 
Labour called the UK to organise a conference to co-ordinate increased international funding. Mr Burt said meetings at the UN General Assembly might provide the opportunity. The UK and other European countries have criticised the US over its policy towards Israel-Palestine, including Mr Trump’s decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem. The US was UNRWA’s biggest donor last year, giving $365m. So far this year it has only given $60m.

Chris Gunness, ex-BBC, now head honcho of UNRWA and fanatical Israel-hater who helped Hamas conceal weapons on school premises, is to get more of my dosh? Christ almighty.


  1. It's a joke! Has our government not seen the suicide Bunny they had on Palestinian TV telling young children how great it is to be a suicide bomber! Do our government never check out the MEMRI site? Have they never read the HAMAS charter? Of course they know exactly what the state of play is but they think they are being clever.

  2. I was going to post on another thread that the BBC are even more morally bankrupt than Corbyn on the question of Israel, but in terms of shallow virtue signalling and duplicity this is in the same cesspit.


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