Wednesday 26 September 2018

Hypothetical Question Time

Here's a hypothetical exam question for any passing PPE students:

Imagine that the United Kingdom faces the prospect, after an election, of a far-Left government headed by a grandfatherly anti-Semite who, along with his legion of fiery supporters, manifests authoritarian tendencies with regards to free speech and a free press. What is 'the nation's broadcaster', the BBC, supposedly a guardian of British democracy, to do about that?
                                                                                     (10 points)


  1. What will they do? “Drop the mask and embrace their brothers in the class struggle”

    We know what they should do.

  2. The big "NO-thing". The BBC will be the Mensheviks of the forthcoming Corbynite revolution. They will smile upon it , wish it well...and then find they are the next target after the counter-revolutionaries and the liberals have been eliminated...Goodbye Mark, goodbye John, goodbye Evan, goodbye, goodbye even Mishal...They will all be replaced. Initially the Owen Jones fellow traveller types will do well but ultimately their anti-Corbynite sins will be revisited and they too will be removed.

  3. The BBC will follow the path with the best route to their survival.

  4. …and just like Lenin who put the terror regime in place will Corbyn be followed by an even more ruthless Stalin-like figure? Fanciful stuff maybe, but after that conference speech…

    The BBC is well on the way to becoming Pravda.


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