Sunday 16 September 2018

"The most prominent and eloquent moderate Tory in the country"

Talking of Andrew Marr, he paid a particularly striking tribute to Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson at the start of his paper review this morning:
Very, very interesting interview, as we heard in the news then, with Ruth Davidson, front page of the Sunday Times. Politicians very rarely say "never". She is saying "I never want to be Prime Minister. It's too great a risk to my mental health". Very sensible thing to say, but it rules out of contention one of the most fact, the most prominent and eloquent moderate Tory in the country. 


  1. It's like I said...increasingly the BBC demonstrate they can act with impunity. My assessment of her is that she is very self-obsessed, very shouty, not very bright. Her eloquence is shallow. Personally I don't care if Marr gives his view, but he should preface it with "in my view" or even "in the view of many", not state it as a matter of objective fact. It's interesting that she is now ruling herself out of contention. The pro-Remain media herd could only see an engaging lesbian spokeperson for Remainism. Now she has demonstrated just how wrong they were to pin their hopes on her becoming "Tory" as Marr puts it Leader.

  2. Being north of the border, I probably see and hear more of her than many readers. And I’d say she’s moderate to the point of not being a Tory in any meaningful sense of the word.

    But if she wouldn’t want to be Prime Minister for fear of the toll on her mental health, why would she want to be First Minister of Scotland?

    1. Quite. If the job of First Minister is going to be done well, it surely would require at times a great deal of mental strain.

  3. Someone has used a word I was going to use for my opinion of her as a politician: shallow, like many of the current crop of politicians. Note that's my opinion, Mr Marr. It doesn't make it fact. Unlike the BBC, I don't pronounce it to be fact.

    I kept an open mind, waiting for some evidence of substance, in the face of media hype. It's a reflection of the shallowness of our media that they get all excited about some fairly insubstantial aspect of a personality and decide on flimsy grounds that a minor or mediocre politician is the saviour and hero of our time. The same thing happened with Clegg. That was all puff and air too.

  4. It’s not difficult to see why she ticks all the right boxes in the PC world of Beeboids. I’m sure this will offend a few Boris fans, but I wouldn’t lavish that sort of praise any of the current crop of Conservatives. There is not a single one I would trust to run the country. Which, when you think of the disaster that might befall us all in the event of a Corbyn government is a pretty sorry state of affairs.


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