Saturday 29 September 2018

"Most neutral observers would think..."

Fran has a point, hasn't she?


  1. My opinion is that, unfortunately, the BBC/Sopel line on Donald Trump and now Brett Kavanaugh is having the desired BBC's effect on the wider opinions held by the UK viewing and listening public. From comments heard from a small sample of right-minded people this week, two themes seem to emerge:

    1. That Donald Trump's 'history of misogamy' will eventually bring him down.

    2. That Donald Trump's appointment of Kavanaugh has been a poisoned chalice so that, as a potential appointment of DT's, he will be smeared even if he is appointed.

    I find this deeply depressing. Trump is accused routinely as having destroyed the good name of the USA throughout the world by his antics and style. I wish him well. He has the knack of promoting his own message above the heads of the MSM. They hate him for that.

    Nobody in the UK has skin thick enough to do a DT here in the UK. That's what is so depressing.

  2. Yeah the meme Donald Trump is evil has got a lot of traction over here - but most don’t know why it’s just what they’ve half heard on the MSM.

    I find it strange that none of his sexual assault accusers during the election have come forward afterwards for example, there’s no way if they had a case it wouldn’t still be news. The only one still at it is Stormy Daniels but that’s self promotion as much as anything.

    1. One of the voices I heard this week said that 'people' were openly laughing at Donald Trump. I said: 'I saw the video in full - did you?' The reply was: 'Well err no'. I said that he was laughing in a good natured exchange with his audience - a sign of feeling comfortable. Where did you hear about it?' 'Radio 5Live' was the reply.

      Democracy is becoming manipulable in the USA and here. My fear is that if there is no deal on Brexit, the whole of the Remain campaign who are principally in positions of power and influence will drag the UK economy, institutions and infrastructure down. The blame for any ensuing chaos will be put at the feet of the so-called right-wing rebellious Conservative MPs, who are in fact the only group staying loyal to the electorate in their effort deliver more than BRINO. Opposition to the Chequers agreement is seen as somehow disruptive and unpatriotic. What a travesty.

    2. Actually, there are Labour MPs openly calling for BREXIT. Most notably Kate Hoey.

  3. Our public funded propaganda machine is in overdrive with this story. It is obvious to me that's it about getting at DT and Kavanaugh is the man they're using to do it.

    But I know many people who subscribe to what they see and hear on BBC Views, feel they ought to dislike Trump as it is the accepted position to take and thoughtlessly lap up anything that underlines that position.


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