Sunday 30 September 2018

Andrew Marr v Theresa May

An awkward moment

Well, well, well! With the exception of a few irreconcilable still talking about Mr Marr being "a Tory shill", the vast bulk of Left and the #FBPE crowd on Twitter have been positively brimming with praise for Andrew Marr this morning - though many of their comments have been caveat-laden variations on the theme of "For a change Marr did a good job. Surprised". 

They obviously really enjoyed Mr Marr's Paxmanesque questioning, Theresa May's car crash performance and the very awkward icy silence between her and Andrew as the credits rolled. 

I have no objections to any of that but I do object to the way Andrew Marr brought the interview to a close by making a loaded point of his own about a no-deal Brexit:
Andrew Marr: But per-pupil funding has fallen over the last two years. It's now been frozen. And that's why they're so upset. Lots of your MPs think this country has had enough of the lean years and it's time to change direction radically.
Theresa May: Well, if we look back at what's happened over the last few years, of course when we came into government in 2010 it was necessary for us to take some tough decisions to deal with the public finances because of the mess that he Labour Party had left them in and people have made sacrifices as a result of that. Now...
Andrew Marr: (interrupting) And they may have to make a lot more if we go for no-deal, but I'm afraid we are out of time, Prime Minister. 
Why did he say that? Not very impartial was it?


  1. He always been a Remainer shill...

  2. Well said Andrew knock out May no compassion empathy even when confronted with the bare facts

    1. ... and you have no punctuation.

  3. Andrew marr should be sacked .His obvious bias to the left is outrageous. He was so rude to theresa may and reverend to tom watson or any member of the labour party on his show .This bias is u lawful and it shouls be stopped .Mr Marr has no right to make snidel comments regarding brexit - he is there to interview - nothing else !!who on earth does he think he is

    1. If the BBC started sacking staff for left wing bias, tumbleweed would be drifting down the corridors.

  4. Andrew Marrs bias is excruciating sucking up to Kier Starmer and constantly interrupting Steve Barclay
    Left wing toady BBC must lose its public funding and we can choose if we pay for this tosh !


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