Monday, 2 May 2016

Antisemitism, Facebook and the BBC

I must be getting old. Whenever I see Chris Cook on Newsnight I immediately think: why is that little boy pretending to be a reporter? People used to say the same thing about policemen - that they seem to be getting younger. Funny, you don’t hear that these days. (I suppose it’s because you hardly ever see policemen, except on T.V., when they’re either actors or middle aged men reading out statements following some kind of corruption scandal) 

I digress. It was interesting to see that Chris Cook has uploaded the full version of his interview with Howard Jacobson onto Facebook. (We saw the abridged version on Newsnight.) 
I mustn’t jump to the conclusion that just because he’s done this it means he sympathises with Howard Jacobson, or even understands what he’s talking about, but it’s not a bad sign.

While we’re on the subject of Facebook. And antisemitism. And the BBC. And the casual way in which the The Big Questions allows people with vile antisemitic views to ruin the possibility of any rational debate, take a look at the foul-mouthed excreta on Facebook emanating from a certain person (and his racist followers) who was a front-row guest on that programme, when the subject under discussion was antisemitism. The precise question posed was “Is anti-Zionism antisemitic?” 

This guest couldn’t care less whether anti-Zionism is antisemitic or not, being  an out and out antisemitic, anti-Zionist Islamist who doesn’t even pretend otherwise. He seems like a volatile mass of pent-up hatred, repression and instability permanently at the point of cataclysmic eruption. Next step: spontaneous combustion.

While Jeremy Corbyn is frantically pretending he doesn’t tolerate racism in any form (whilst at the same time attending a rally alongside racists of the first order) .......

.......the BBC kindergarten subsection mischievously whips up racial hatred as vigorously as possible, for the ratings. 

Now the inquiry into the Labour Party’s racism is set to be a whitewash

And the children at the BBC? Will they take a look at themselves? Don’t hold your breath.


  1. After seeing this I need to bath in Dettol.

  2. That Labour inquiry certainly looks as if it's going to be a whitewash. Shami's second-in-command, Prof. David Feldman, hardly approaches it with an open mind, having prepared a previous report for parliament which reads as if it were written by someone determined to dismiss the problem and who throws out most of the accepted definitions of anti-Semitism in order to reach that conclusion. It's the kind of report you'd expect to appeal to Labour's far-Left from start to finish as it approaches most of the arguments from something fairly close to their starting positions on most points.

    1. Indeed. They're clearly going into it having already concluded that anti-Zionism can never, ever be considered anti-Semitism. Plus the announcement that they will expand the area of inquiry to cover all forms of 'racism', with particular mention of Islmaophobia. As if Labour has a problem with that.

      It's like a less expensive BBC inquiry.

  3. Jacobson is always good value and not the sort of person to be interrupted, even had Cook tried it!