Tuesday 10 May 2016

Taking the Mick

I was driving to work on Monday morning whilst listening to Today and heard (at around 6.45) a piece by Sima Kotecha from UKIP's northern heartlands. 

She went with pro-Remain Labour MP Dan Jarvis around his "Eurosceptic" Barnsley constituency talking to voters. 

Among those voters was Mick, who Sima introduced as "wanting out" because he's "worried about Turkey becoming a member of the EU". 

Here's a transcription of what happened next. See if you can spot what Sima tried to do here:
Mick: Can't see how we can integrate a population the size of Turkey, which dwarves Britain, predominantly...er..Muslim. 

Sima: So is your problem with Muslims? 
Mick: Er..I'm (sic) not a problem with Muslims. I'm just saying that I can see that there's going to be a fault between what is predominantly Christian communities and a massive community like Turkey...with its Muslims.
You probably have to actually listen to it for yourselves to hear the way Sima Kotecha put that "So is your problem with Muslims?" question. It sounded almost perky in its aggression. 

And yet, as Gordon Brown probably wouldn't have ever said... I agree with Mick. 

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