Sunday 15 May 2016


And, yes, among the main headlines on tonight's BBC One evening news bulletin was:
Boris Johnson compares the EU to Hitler, saying both wanted a single European state. His critics say the comments are offensive.
Meanwhile, over on the BBC News website, the comments poured in for the five hours the BBC allowed them to on their article Boris Johnson compares EU's aims to Hitler's. Comments are now closed and the highest-rated comment was removed "because it broke the house rules". 

Given quite a few of the other highest-rated comments (all of which backed Boris), I'm guessing it might have been uncomplimentary about the BBC's reporting of this story.

Here are a few of the other top comments:


  1. Violating Godwin's Law is never a good move, no matter how clever you think you're being. It wasn't even a particularly good analogy in this case, so why bother? The point would have been well made with all the other references. We just had the Livingstone fiasco. A media veteran like Boris should know the media would make a meal out of Hitler and any valid point he might have wanted to make would be lost in the noise. He's careless, not such a great campaigner here.

  2. David,

    I don't really agree. I think Boris is a lot cleverer than his critics allow. This is the perfect way to come crashing into the party and get some attention - plus, it immediately puts the focus on "Is the EU a superstate project?" We all (well all honest Remain and Leave proponents) know it is such a project, for good or ill. But the current Remain campaign are ignoring that and spreading the meme that it is a mild irritant like speed limits and road humps, a kind of modern fact of life. They want to pretend it is where it is and the project is not going anywhere. But we all know that at the first opportunity (which might be after a pro-Remain vote) the Eurofanatics will restart the federal motor. His intervention means the Remainiacs are put in the difficult position of having to deny there has ever been a Euro superstate project, or to concede the point.

    1. What got the attention, though? The point Boris was trying to make, or OMG HITLER? In basketball this is known as a wasted possession.


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