Monday 9 May 2016

Don't mention it!

Last night’s Sky News showed the new London (Muslim) Mayor, Sadiq Khan attending the Holocaust memorial event in North London yesterday. They even included short clip of the ceremony. It was a significant gesture on Khan’s part, much appreciated by the Jewish community, and a hopeful indication that his intention to clamp down on or root out antisemitism is honourable.

The BBC, however, in their late evening bulletin was only interested in the implied rift between Khan and Corbyn. They even showed an interview with Khan, which was filmed in front of the poster in a location in or near the memorial’s venue. We know this from Sky’s report, which included similar footage. The BBC didn’t make anything of Khan’s attendance at the ceremony, in fact I’m not sure they even mentioned it.

Mishal Husain was the newsreader, not that one could hold her personally responsible for the omission, but a mention would have been nice, coming from her.

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  1. Don't be hoodwinked. It was no problem for Khan to attend the Holocaust Memorial.

    But has he ever condemned Sharia law with its gross and inbuilt discrimination against Jews and Christians. Answer? No. So that leaves open the question of whether at some level he wishes to see that system of law eventually dominate the whole globe. It would be very easy for him to clear the air to simply say: "Sharia is not an acceptable body of law for the modern age and I reject it." After all the ECHR declared it incompatible with human rights and he is a lawyer.

    But no - silence.


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