Sunday 22 May 2016

Unusual things on 'Marr', and that 'Sunday Express' lead story about Turkey and the EU

This morning's Andrew Marr programme did a couple of unusual things during its paper review: 

The clip mentioned in the second tweet there was of Boris a few years back saying that Turkey should be let into the EU and that it's not right that they should be excluded, especially just because they are Muslims.

Both of those things did happen and both of them are unusual. 

Somewhat more usual, however, was Andrew Marr doing a spot of impromptu editorialising and describing the Sunday Express's take on the possibility of huge numbers of Turks moving through the EU to the UK as "much more extreme".

That same headline really isn't getting 'a good press' from the BBC today. Roger Johnson on BBC Breakfast earlier felt the need to add "Of course Turkey is some way to joining the EU yet" after reading it out, and BBC Middle East correspondent Quentin Somerville gave it the full BBC Twitter treatment (albeit pithily), echoing the head of CAABU:


  1. It feels like the Dogs of War have really been unleashed by the Remainiacs this weekend on all fronts (including the Mail on Sunday, interestingly). As for the BBC they've nothing to lose by being as biased as possible and everything to gain. If the vote when Leave's I think the BBC would find itself under real, real pressure for the first time, becaue there would such bitterness in the Leave campaign. In fact given the fact that Boris is still well placed to take over as Tory leader, even if Remain win, then the BBC really wants to see a thumping great win for Remain.

    If the British people vote to Leave after this all out propaganda offensive, then it will be their finest hour since 1940.

  2. Given that the BBC has become The Voice of Remainia, a corrective is in order. A rather nice comment on the Spectator blog from "McRobbie":

    "Norway were told a number of lies before they wisely rejected joining the EU....twice.
    they would lose up to 100,000 jobs
    their fisheries industry would be ruined
    the eurocrats would marginalise them by applying the deaf ear technique
    the world would not speak to them..they'd be all ALONE
    their industry and business would be decimated
    there would be no investment
    interests rates would sky rocket
    I met some norwegians a couple of weeks ago...their economy is very very healthy, interest rates are low and they have the lowest rate of unemployment in Europe.
    They are indeed happy..and all because they told the EU to "go away".
    We can join the norwegians in their contentment if we vote to leave this bloated, disorganized and undemocratic institution...the EU... Eurocrats United."

    Excellent. Older readers may recall the butter mountain and the wine lake of the EU, EEC as then was. We now have a new phenomenon - a mountain of surplus lies being produced by the EU and their tame toothless lion, David Cameron (surplus, as in surplus to our needs as a country).

  3. As someone on Biased BBC has observed, why didn't they play this clip of Cameron giving unambiguous support for fast-tracking of Turkey's membership of the EU.

    Why didn't they? Because with the possible honourable exception of Andrew Neil they are to a man, a woman and a fluidly transgendered individual, complete and utter Remainiacs.


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