Wednesday 11 May 2016

"We'll be looking at what more Britain could do"

When starting this blog - and ever since - we've tried never to succumb to that thing which seems eventually to afflict even the most mild-mannered of bloggers on this kind of subject: self-radicalisation. 

Have I succumbed after all though, despite myself? 

I watch the opening headlines on tonight's BBC One News at Six:
BBC Newsreader: Nigeria's president hits back after David Cameron calls his country "fantastically corrupt". "No need to say sorry, just give back the cash hidden in British banks." That's his message. 
President Buhari: I'm not going to demand any apology for anybody. What I'm demanding is the return of assets. (Laughter and applause).
BBC Newsreader: We'll be looking at what more Britain could do. 
At which point I though, "**** off, BBC! Stop taking sides against your own country!"

Was I wrong to think that?  

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  1. Weird how the Spectator just published a whining article from Vince Cable saying exactly this. Probably just a coincidence.


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