Sunday 22 May 2016

Harriet Harman crashes her car (again)

While I'm giving credit where credit's due...

It's Andrew Neil again, on BBC One's The Sunday Politics - and, hopefully, this link takes you to the right place to enable you to watch Andrew Neil & Co. debate the issue of the EU and women's rights with Harriet Harman. 

We're firmly in 'car crash interview' territory here....especially from 9:07 in, when AN lists a long list of leading female Leave campaigners and invites Harriet to give an equivalent list. She duly 'does a Harriet' and stonewalls. But it's no good. It's 1-0 to Andrew Neil and Harriet's car is out of control, scraping along dozens of others Remain campaign cars as it hurtles towards disaster. 

It then got even worse for her.

Answering her claims that the EU is good for women's rights, AN then showed her the top 7 people in the EU and asked her if she noticed something common to them all:

After trying to 'do a Harriet' again, she said - more than once - that she didn't know who any of these men are...

...which, given that they include EU Commission President Juncker and EU Council President Tusk (former Polish PM) and European Parliament head (and long-term leading light in the EU's Socialist group - which includes Harriet's Labour!) Mr Schultz, is very hard to believe - except that this is Harriet Harman!

And then, still flailing around, she accused Andrew Neil of picking seven "random" men! AN, of course, immediately disabused her of that suggestion.

She was now not only looking at the smouldering remains of her own car but a twenty-mile pile up behind her (entirely caused by herself)...

...though, also being Harriet, it has to be said that she still didn't bat an eyelid.

Her pro-EU arguments were severely dented by The Sunday Politics though - eyelids or no eyelids.


  1. Neil is the honourable exception to the Remainiacal BBC.
    I loved that bit where Harriet Harman suggested that the EU would be placing tarrifs on its agricultural EXPORTS and that would raise food prices! lol As far as I see, we get the cheap food without having to pay the subsidies. And if it isn't cheaper we can go anywhere in the world to find cheaper food.

  2. Labour was in power for 13 years, with Harriet Harman as deputy leader for some time, and they couldn't be bothered to pass the rules she claims only the EU could to protect women in work? What's the point of her or them? And now they want to follow in the footsteps of Greece, Spain, and Venezuela? Of course, Harman couldn't even defend McDonnell and instead talked about things that had nothing to do with capitalism.

    Seeing as how the conventional wisdom is that the Tory party will be in disarray regardless of the referendum result, a Remain win could open the door for Labour, regardless of all the talking heads who think the next Tory leader will be from the Leave side. Talk about a looming economic disaster.

    If Leave had any brains they'd be making this a reason to vote for Brexit. Vote Remain, get Labour and a Socialist death spiral.

    As for all the economic arguments put forth today that Brexit will cause the economy to plummet, why isn't anyone talking about the immediate benefits to British farmers and fishermen? Immediately much of the draconian regulations killing British fishermen and strangling food producers will be gone, plus the economy will get back something like £30 billion a year. The only food prices that will be temporarily affected will be the food the rich like, and things like packaged foods from France which had horse meat in it the last time anyone checked. It's not a difficult argument to make.

  3. What was also really worrying was that Harman didn't even know what a tariff is !

    1. She doesn't know what capitalism is, either. And she didn't even bother to read the job titles - or listen to Neil - of those EU mandarins, or she'd have known it wasn't at all a random assortment.

  4. That Ms. Harman had power and still might, and gets access still to the airwaves is truly frightening, if in this case perhaps valuable with any undecided over their EURef intentions.


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