Sunday 15 May 2016

Bang! Take that, Peter Kosminsky!

As ever, Rod Liddle has a very amusing column in the Sunday Times today and, as so often, it contains a bit of Beeb-bashing ('Mr Submissive was a poor choice to whip the Beeb into shape'). Here's a very short extract, (sort of) related to a pair of earlier posts:
Mr Whittingdale has demanded that the BBC must lead the way with “diversity” and increase its coverage for black, Asian and ethnic minorities. You can imagine how the execs will leap at that. There’ll be a hijab on screen every 30 seconds. There will be a 12-part series on slavery and why Britain is vile, and a brand new situation comedy about a comically hapless imam and his querulous wives that nobody anywhere will find remotely amusing.

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