Sunday, 1 May 2016

Jeremy Bowen is Back

Jeremy Bowen, after a lull, has been busy again on Twitter

He's back in Jerusalem and marked his arrival in the area by tweeting the following:

You probably won't be surprised that he then immediately got down to 'business as usual' by tweeting this:

Then came two tweets relaying Palestinian anger at the killing of a "mum" and her brother, complete with photos of sad children, "killed by Israeli forces". The family "reject the claim" from Israel that they were attacking the Israelis. Jeremy doesn't provide the Israeli side (and, from given what's been going on, I'm strongly betting - despite Jeremy's tweets - that they were trying to kill some Israelis).

Then comes another tweet about "the wall":

Next comes a long sequence of wonderful photos from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre for the miracle of fire from Christ's tomb for the Orthodox Easter (suggesting that Jeremy Bowen - if he took the photos - might be better employed as a photographer than a senior BBC editor):

But, alas, after that, it's then straight back to 'business as usual, with more photos 'showing'  Israeli 'meanness':

And (some) people wonder why the BBC gets accused of heavy anti-Israel bias? Well, the above gives the answer, doesn't it?

Now, in fairness to the BBC's Middle East editor, he did also re-tweet the following re Ken Livingstone:

Yes, Jeremy may be distressingly biased against Israel but he's prepared to re-tweet something about Ken Livingstone being a long-standing problem for the Labour Party. 'I'm no anti-Semite then', Jeremy seems to be saying here.

Part of the problem though, Jeremy Bowen, isn't he? His tweets, as ever, seem completely one-sided. They only add to the demonisation of Israel, don't they?

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  1. Pretty much what Regev was talking about. As long as there are "refugee camps", there can be no peace, really. The UN and Muslim countries are responsible for that in the end. They want it that way.