Sunday, 1 May 2016


Oh, and The Andrew Marr Show also had an interview with Sir Lenny Henry. 

Sir Lenny is best known these days for talking a lot about race. He's now produced a blues album that sings a lot about race. 

Andrew Marr was all agog to hear him talk about race. 


And the programme ended with Sir Lenny singing one of his songs. I instantly thought of the 'Pub singer' round in Reeves and Mortimer's Shooting Stars and chortled.

I suppose I shouldn't have done that. I should have thought about race instead.

Is it wrong not to think about race anywhere near as often as Sir Lenny Henry and the BBC think about race?

It probably is, but I always associate 'thinking too much about race' with 'racism'. I suppose I ought to just put on my vinyl copy of Theophilus P. Wildebeeste's hilariously-titled The Loin King then and get with the groove.

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  1. I suppose if you'd appeared on the Black and White Minstrel Show cracking racist jokes (as did Lenny Henry) then you might spend the rest of your life obsessing about race and trying to escape that legacy.

    Personally I think racial group think is very dangerous and Lenny Henry should stop encouraging people to think that way because eventually some people might ask for instance why are there no non-ethnic minority newsreaders left in the UK!