Sunday 24 June 2018

A little video

Please see below a couple of comments - one at Biased BBC, on here at Is the BBC biased? - about a video posted on the BBC News website (which the BBC has now also placed on YouTube).

I don't need to add anything to the comments myself...

Roland Deschain
This little video is nothing more than outright propaganda, something the BBC is increasingly indulging in. What are these “truths” the BBC reveals?
1. The West is not being swamped by refugees, because the vast majority are fleeing terrorism and conflict, not bringing it.
2. Cities will drown because climate change.
3. Satellite images of fire show forest clearance and gas flares from fracking, showing human-led climate change.
4. Light pollution is a problem but where it’s falling it’s because old people, boo hiss, are dying and not so much nasty energy is used.
In short, it’s propaganda dressed up as science. The BBC is quite shameless.

Monkey Brains24 June 2018 at 10:34
Roland Deschain over at bBBC references this propaganda video that the BBC present as impartial, objective news.

When I looked up the Instituto Igarape, which appears to have produced the maps referenced in the video, I found - surprise, surprise - that Soros's Open Society Foundations were supporting the "think tank" (aka propaganda unit).

This is pure Fake News that the BBC is foisting on the public. To take one example, the video referenced parts of Florida going under the water due to global warming.

I looked into this Florida myth previously. The key problem in Florida is that they have been building and continue to build huge urban settlements on not v. stable ground (bascially marshes). That exerts downward pressure on the land (ie the land sinks) and because the underlying rock is very porous limestone which is soaked with sea water, the inevitable result is increased flooding. That has nothing to do with global warming, although global warming could of course exacerbate the problem. But if you were genuinely interested in the science of global warming the last place you would start is Florida, not the first as in this video.

Putting videos like this up is pure lying propaganda with no right of even the usual cursory response allowed in other parts of the BBC.


  1. Two ways of looking at BBC output
    - Activists oh that BBC output confirms my pre-exisiting beliefs so I will retweet it
    (Indeed I spot 50 people posting the URl, their friends retweet, but there is NO DISCUSSION)
    - Me & you : Oh I can spot something suspicious/fake (but I expect that from the BBC)

    Indeed The UK sea level rise bit looks naive
    Land loss - Looking at their UK map they predict for 4C temp rise
    I can get the same effect by looking at a UK elevation map where the colour corresponds to 33ft sea level rise.
    #1 all those areas just appear to be land that we drained in the last 1,000 years
    You can see the Isle of Axholme and Isle of Ely
    #2 Their predict seems naive cos with good drainage you can have land lower than sea level and I'm guessing that flooding doesn't depend on elevation but also tides and the amount of drainage
    So that York at a higher elevation should be flooded cos they won't be able to get rid of water quick enough.

    After Miami he says "Many people are reluctant to believe Climate Change is real" if sea level rise was a brand new thing. whereas as everyone else thinks sea level has risen for 500 years as we come out of the Ice Age.

    Fires from space
    "forest fires for clearing land"
    switches to UK map where I recognise our area
    they look like the Scunthorpe Steelworks and the possibly the Philips oil refinnery in Immingham. Further west there is another hotspot maybe the Rotherham steel mills or Drax
    If you look to Wales , you can see a hot spot near Port Talbot steelworks.
    The North Sea seems to have flaring at oil rigs.
    but the commentator just starts talking about FRACKING
    "The North Dakota fracking fields add worth more than 1 billion cars per year"
    is that true ?
    that they are just wasting the same energy that would power that much ?

    Light Changes
    He says the model marks increased levels as RED, and decreased levels as BLUE
    He states that Eastern Europe is dark.
    Nope Poland region has gone up, whereas sparesely populated Ukraine and Belarus are dark.
    Note the increases on the Portuguese coast and northern Greece as if solar panels are being picked up.

    - Good pics can convey truth quickly
    - Bad pics can convey NON-truth quickly

  2. A comment from Youtube
    \\ 0:28 "What we have here is data showing the movement of every single refugee since the 1990's"

    My Response: Sure you do, you lying fraud.
    Because there was someone standing with a counter every time a refugee moved from one place to another from the 1990's until now. //


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