Saturday 23 June 2018

Jon Donnison is back

BBC news correspondent Jon Donnison was interviewing a couple of anti-Brexit marchers at the People's Vote March in London a few minutes ago (just after 2 o'clock) and, doing his 'BBC impartiality' bit, asked one of them: 
Again, people would say: There was a referendum. People voted. It was close - 48 to 51 -- but the 48 lost. 
He could have said, "Again, people would say: There was a referendum. People voted. The 48 lost", but he didn't. He had to add, "It was close". (Was it? There was a 4% difference.)

Also, the result wasn't "48 to 51". It was 48 to 52 (48.11% to 51.89%).

Checking back, he also called Leave voters "the 51%" earlier too (just after 1 o'clock), so it wasn't a random slip.

Was this evidence of bias or just factual inaccuracy on Jon Donnison's part?


  1. Incompetent or biased? Neither one reflects well on him or the important(so says Burley) organisation he works for.

  2. Why you take that comment down! Which bit wrongthink? O/T?

    1. One of the five accusatory words about the BBC used in it (the one beginning with 'p') isn't really safe to leave standing when the post is about a specific BBC reporter. Even if it was meant as a general condemnation of the BBC, that particular reporter may put two and two together and take it personally (especially if it's not true!). with very real risks to the survival of the blog.


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