Sunday 24 June 2018

Mr. Marr's Sunday Morning Service

Good morning to you. In politics, this is quite a weekend. A massive march in London against Brexit - and a smaller one in favour. Two huge companies, Airbus and BMW, threatening to up sticks. Because of that, growing fears among Brexiteers that we are now heading for a half-in, half-out, fudged and unconvincing exit. Exactly two years ago, just after that referendum result had come in, the country seemed bitterly divided. It still is. 


  1. Most normal people when they read "after two years we are still bitterly divided" will think "That's a shame" but people who work for the BBC think "Didn't we do well, eh?" .

    1. Yep, the division is caused by the BBCREMAIN refusal to accept the result and move on.


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