Sunday 24 June 2018

Turbo-charged Marr

Andrew Marr must have either devoured a couple of extra shredded wheat or gulped down a tin of spinach before this morning's The Andrew Marr ShowHe fired ace after ace at Boris Becker (who put in a terrible performance), hunted Jeremy Hunt like a pack of James Naughtie-impersonators, fired a few potshots at that nice Nia Griffith's defences, and even put author Robert Harris into the dock over the morality of his dealings with Roman Polanski. His audience must now be feeling shell-shocked. (I'm off for a lie-down in a darkened room). We've not seen anything like this since Emma Barnett stood in for him. 

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  1. In the Spectator this week Marr was claiming that he is subjected to attacks as a Tory stooge, an extreme leftist and a Blairite. He opined that this meant he was "getting it about right" (I paraphrase).

    Of course, it is just possible that some of these criticisms might be right. Like Tony Blair, you were in your student days on the extreme left - a Trotskyite or Maoist (or maybe both). In the 90s and 00s you were aligned with Blair. I place you on the left wing of the Blair coalition and I think your programme is biased towards that political orientation. It shows in the way you frame every question.


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