Sunday 24 June 2018

More on Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell: Hope this helps persuades  BBC News the case we have been making that Brexit is not a done deal and the huge strand of public opinion of that view must be given a proper share of debate. Someone tell Rob Burley cos I don’t think he’s listening to me today!!
Alastair Campbell: Suspect if there had been a big pro-Brexit march yesterday one of the main march voices would have been on #Marr Thoughts Rob Burley?
Rob Burley: My main thought is that you should give it a rest.
Rob Burley: Checked what was on Frost the morning after the 2003 Iraq war march. The pro-march voice was Mark Seddon (in papers) and you yourself put up Defence Secretary John Reid explaining why you would be pressing on irrespective of the size of the march the previous day.
Rob Burley: Correction. John Reid was actually party chairman at that point.
Alastair Campbell: Good rebuttal and research there Rob!
Rob Burley: No problem.


  1. Bravo Burley!

    I am sure, as a kid, Burley must have read those war comics where the Sergeant Major pops up out of the trench with two Tommy Guns blazing bullets and lets the Japs/Jerries have it...or in this case, Alistair Campbell. And taking on Campbell with his obsessive desire for revenge against anyone who crosses him does require immense courage. Don't underestimate the damage that unstable man might do to an enemy.

  2. Wow! Good on Burley. Remind us of the muderous deceit of Campbell over Iraq.

  3. Good strike of the Burley hurley there. Doesn't alter the fact that it's all a bit cosy, with Campbell smug in the knowledge that he's on the chosen list for a ticket to the Burley programmes, as this week on the Daily Politics. He goes on the BBC and talks grandly as if he is a politician even though he is not and never has been elected to represent anybody.


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