Monday 4 June 2018

Nick Robinson v Lord Adonis

To slightly adapt one of Lord Adonis's favourite Twitter hashtags, shall we tweet #BrexitBashingBroadcastingCorporation tonight?

I only ask because Lord Adonis was on Today yet again this morning, and Nick Robinson let him get away with another falsehood...
Lord Adonis: We always have to learn in politics Nick, and let's be clear: Devolution succeeded. Who in Scotland or Wales we now want to abolish it? It's overwhelmingly popular...
Nick Robinson: (interrupting) But the Welsh voted for Brexit?
Lord Adonis: But they are passionately in favour of their devolved government and, in fact, they voted for Brexit in a much smaller majority than in England...
... and then Nick invited him to close his interview and then let him get away with an interrupted call ('some would say' "rant") for Brexit to the scrapped. 

Shouldn't Nick Robinson, a top BBC reporter/presenter on politics, have called out 'Honest Andrew' over that whopper? Or did Nick forget the Welsh result? 

Incidentally, even Lord A's claim about the Welsh being "passionately in favour of their devolved government" is questionable (to put it mildly). 'Passion' is, apparently, in short supply there. 

Where does Lord Adonis get this stuff from? The Skegness Monster? Would Nick Robinson let a mention of the Skegness Monster go unchallenged as he left anti-Brexit hardliner Andrew Adonis's various byways from truth go unchallenged here? 

Answers on a postcard to Lord Adonis c/o the Skegness Monster.. 


  1. I agree with Lord Adonis that 'the people' outside of London feel disconnected from Westminster, (they might feel that inside London too!), and that is a big driver for devolution or 'independence' in Scotland.
    Where he is wrong is his idea that somehow the unelected 'Brussels' government is OK. The whole purpose of the EU is to pass their rules onto the national governments so that those governments get the flak while 'Brussels' is kept out of the spotlight. Meanwhile 'Brussels' gets on with its moves towards 'full union' by removing vetoes and extending 'competencies'. Then one day the curtains will be pulled back to reveal our true non-elected government but by then it will be too late.
    What Lord Adonis appears to want are Parish Councils that will have the power to decide which golden star has top position on their local version of the EU flag.

  2. The majority of people in Wales are apathetic, ignorant or both of the welsh assembly.
    But the vocal minority support it and generally support the EU as well.

  3. Was amusing to hear Paris Hilton out-virtue-signalling Nick Robinson on the radio today (his vanity project podcast thing put on Radio 4 as a 1.45pm filler) over transgenderism. There was Nick trying to have a mock-rational debate but PH was having none of it. Feisty Paris had some balls and gave him a good pasting.

    Well there you go Nicky, you've now seen the future made by the likes of you and the rest of the BBC crew. Not to pleasant a prospect is it? It's a future Today presenters will be told on what terms they may or may not ask questions or otherwise face career-ending SJW blasts if they show anything less than complete deference to the virtue-signallers in chief. :)

    1. Whoops I don't think I meant Paris's Paris someone else isn't it?


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