Sunday 24 June 2018

Guess who admired the BBC's coverage of the People's Vote March yesterday?

Praise for the BBC from the People's Vote campaign for their coverage yesterday:


  1. I am sure Lord Adonis will still complain that Radio 5 Live refused to pull its World Cup coverage and offer live reporting of the march instead.

  2. I searched 'Who organised the People's Vote March?' It starts with On their home page are a series of supporting organisations none of which I had heard of - including

    If you look at the 'Our Groups' page of 'britainforeurope', you will see some 50 or so groups dotted around the country from Cornwall to Edinburgh - but with most groups referring to facebook pages - virtual groups rather than anyone or anywhere real. It all looks as if an enthusiastic group of activist could have put it together - from the comfort of their sofas in London.

    1. Funding will be no problem. Especially as many will have very positive bank accounts thanks to their lucrative jobs in the City offering money-laundering services to oligarchs and other gross violators of human rights.


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