Saturday 23 June 2018


I don't think Alastair Campbell is going to give up spinning against the BBC any time soon. And why should he? He's doing very well out of it. He was on BBC Two yesterday (The Daily Politics). He was also on Radio 4 (Any Questions). Jobs a good'un?

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  1. The Daily Politics debate was between Alistair Campbell and Nigel Farage, with Jo Coburn allowing AC to interrupt NF at every opportunity. There were no knock-out blows, in fact if boxing was to be the analogy it was a points decision with no points awarded to either AC or NF.

    Strangely, a degree of agreement emerged with a joint attack on Mrs May' negotiating team and their handling of the Brexit process. AC bemoaned the end of the Blair dream of the European open borders Utopia, and what might have been if only the referendum had not turned out the way it had and forced us to jump off the cliff, whereas NF complained about the failure of the Theresa May Government to carry out the wishes of the majority of the UK electorate and secure the UK borders. Both were hostile towards the outcome - but for very different reasons.


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