Sunday 17 June 2018

Black Dog

More Twitter fun...

Nicky Campbell raised a pitchfork-brandishing Twitter mob last night and sent them marching against the Mail on Sunday. His tweet read: "Appalling headline in the Mail Online. Beggars belief". 

The headline in question was this:

Unfortunately for Nicky, lots of sensible people pointed out that BLACK DOG is the pseudonymous name of a Mail on Sunday columnist and the Mail on Sunday has a BLACK DOG column every week and has done for years. 

Of course, lots of less sensible people were already incensed by this stage and weren't for letting this irritating fact get in the way of their outrage. They are raging on.

Nicky, however, deleted his original tweet. He then posted another one (minus any manifestation of contrition): 

The answer, regardless of any silly Twitter debate, is that "it's the name/pseudonymn of the column/journalist and has been for years". End of story.


  1. Knowing what it was referring to (the name of a column) it never for one moment occurred to me that it could be anything other than a reference to that column...but that is how PC mind control works once it is in place, you then can't forget it, can you? Nicky Campbell mind is probably full of a million sensitivity alarms and no-go zones.

  2. Libmob habit, of taking offence on behalf of SpecialVictimhood groups = Virtue Signalling
    There are dozens of old tweets of the same format as today's
    \\ BLACK DOG: blah, blah Daily Mail //
    Some even involved Diane Abbott

    eg1 Apr 22 : BLACK DOG: A new corridor clash for Dianne Abbott
    eg2 Feb 19, 2017 : BLACK DOG: Diane Abbott's kiss of death for David Davis
    after his crass 'I'm not blind' text - Daily Mail
    (which one person was outraged about
    Somali Spot Feed @somalipop 19 Feb 2017
    Daily mail calls Diane Abbott BLACK DOG )

  3. eg1


  4. BBC mob has its pet loves and pet hates.
    Campbell Virtue Signals on behalf of Flabbot
    but you won't see them sympathise when someone insults Farage or Trump or May or Boris or any Tory cept pseudo Soubry

    BBC also signal to help lefty Political stirring eg on Jo Cox and Grenfell, GreenDreaming
    The converse is they hate Brexit, Tommy and prefer to play down rape gangs and other crimes by minorities.


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