Monday 18 June 2018

"That is at best uncertain, at worst misleading"

"The Government claims some of the cash will come back from the EU. That is at best uncertain, at worst misleading..."

So said the BBC's political editor Laura Kuenssberg on tonight's BBC One News at Six, referring to Mrs May's 'Brexit dividend for the NHS' claim. 

No, Mr Campbell. I don't think the BBC is pumping out pro-Brexit propaganda for the Government. (And neither, if you're honest, do you). 


  1. LK (who dressed in black when Remainers called for people to dress in black to mark with sadness the Brexit vote) is being her dishonest self again. "At best" it's clearly TRUE not "uncertain" as LK has it. May has never claimed the whole of the NHS investment would be paid by the Brexit dividend. As long as a substantial part comes from that (and I would estimate that at the end of the day at least £5 billion pa and possibly as much as £8 billion will eventually be available) then she is being perfectly honest.

  2. Correcting LK on here is pointless, the damage was done when she reported. The are plenty of viewers who are influenced by the constant biased analysis and opinion. And she knows exactly what she is doing, as do all reporters on the BBC. That's how they change and shape opinion in this country. As an institution, it is probably the UK's most powerful and subversive political movement.

    1. However the Conservative Governments since 2015 appear to have done nothing to curtail it. I have to conclude that Cameron and now May are, at best, content with the State News Service.

  3. Of course they support it. It reflects the values of Cameron, May and the majority of the ruling elite. Party politics aside, The BBC is the main propaganda tool for liberal values, multi-culturism and equality.


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