Monday 18 June 2018

Has Anthony finally gone beserk?

Note the irrelevant disclaimer. 

Long-term BBC watchers may recall the former Head of the BBC Multimedia Newsroom Mary Hockaday sending out an email to BBC staff in 2014:

Helen Boaden, then Head of BBC Newshad sent out something similar in 2010

Do these emails from BBC high-ups come in four-year cycles? If so, we're due another this year - especially as more and more high-profile BBC journalists are saying things that brazenly compromise their impartiality.

For example, when I saw that Donald Trump had tweeted the following...

...I just knew that senior BBC US reporter Anthony Zurcher would "rush to communicate" his views on the matter on Twitter and tweet something that very sailed close to the wind, impartiality-wise. It turns out that I was actually only half-right. Anthony didn't just sail close to the wind, impartiality-wise, he crossed the line into outright sounding-off:

He sounds angry, doesn't he?.

He certainly doesn't sound impartial.

The current Head of BBC News is Fran Unsworth. How long will it be before she sends out that email again?


  1. Yes but when you swim with sharks all going in the same direction it is easy to believe that you are being impartial.

  2. "He sounds angry, doesn't he?"
    ... that's cognitive dissonance
    He had a choice
    #1 Point out Trumps errors
    or 2 MISREPRESENT instead
    ..he chose #2

    - "Yeah, let’s encourage Germany to turn against their democratically elected leadership"
    Nope an observation doesn't encourage,
    - "scapegoat immigrants"
    Nope scapegoat is when you blame someone else not the real criminals
    - "and celebrate their culture."
    (what's even mean by that ? doesn't make sense)

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  4. There seem to be two topics which are totally exempt from BBC impartiality guidelines: Brexit & Trump...make that three topics - the Tories aren't exactly a protected species, are they?

  5. Anything that threatens the "project" is exempt from impartiality as far as the BBC is concerned and since the project covers just about everything from politics, to gender, to education, to religion, to history, to science, to sport etc that means the BBC is partisan about everything.

  6. It is sad to see BBC tarnishing its reputation by letting left libs like Anthony Zurcher to publish its opinions or "Analysis". Anthony Zurcher is not reflecting but shaping news. His bias is more than obvious.


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