Tuesday 12 June 2018

And what does John think?

And now over to our World Affairs Editor John Simpson:


  1. Is the Great World Affairs Editor going to tell us what Kim HAS agreed or is he hoarding information for his own obscure purposes? I dunno but I thought the idea was to inform the paying public.

  2. "What does John think?" Does he actually think anymore? Or does he just posture?

  3. "What does John think?" ... Clearly, he doesn't understand the concept of dialogue. He has an inflated opinion of himself, which he expects us all to share.

  4. As for JS's first comment, I assumed this was a preliminary "getting to know each other" meeting between KJU and DT and that the cancelling of military exercises was merely a gesture of goodwill, which can be changed and that costs nothing. After all DT has not yet given KJU hundreds of billions of dollars with which to pursue nuclear weapons and global terrorism. It seems that JS is over eagerly hoping for future talks to go badly wrong. Talks may well go badly and no doubt JS and colleagues will do their best to promote failure.

    As for JS's second comment, possibly he was recalling comments he had meant to say about a previous US President -

    "There is a real danger now that Pres Obama will have to defend and support Ali Khamenei, the head of one of the world's nastier regimes, in order to make the Iranian deal seem worthwhile. Not perhaps the best of outcomes."


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