Sunday, 1 May 2016

Andrew Marr, Bake Off and Owen Jones

Continuing the theme of this morning's BBC Breakfast paper review, Andrew Marr & guests gave short shrift to the mooted plan to encourage the BBC to behave responsibly towards its non-licence-fee-funded commercial rivals by moving shows like Strictly and Bake Off to slightly different times:
There's an idea that popular programmes - programmes that are doing too well - should be pushed off prime time. There's the Sunday Telegraph splashing on that: 'BBC faces checks into the quality of its shows'. If they're too good, off they go! Erm, that's my bias there for you!
You said it, Andrew!

All the guests were of the same mind, with Owen Jones - whose article claiming the BBC is biased towards the Right ('It's the BBC's rightwing bias that is the threat to democracy and journalism') remains one of the most tweeted 'BBC-bashing' articles on Twitter (and is probably one of the examples the IEA had it mind when they demolished the BBC's beloved 'claims from both sides' argument) - showing his true feelings and showering the BBC with praise. (Why wouldn't he like the BBC really? He's never off it.) 

I do like AM's introductions to the press review though. Did Andrew Pierce draw the short straw today?:
And reviewing the papers: a journalist who's become one of the most popular voices on the Left of politics, Owen Jones; the Sun's star columnist Jane Moore; and the waspish political observer from the Daily Mail, Andrew Pierce. 

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