Saturday, 11 February 2017

David Dimbleby mounts his high horse

The times they are a changin'. This week's Question Time saw Billy Bragg and Owen Smith get roundly booed by the audience and Ann Widdecombe was the hero of the hour. 

And David Dimbleby got cross. Owen Smith and Claire Perry were squabbling over which party (Conservative or Labour) had spent more on the NHS when DD's patience snapped and mounted his very high horse, and spake:
Don't just keep talking! That is what happens every time we talk about the NHS. Tories say 'We spend more', Labour say 'You're not spending more'. It's a pain in the bum quite frankly, because the truth is not in either of those contentions. And if you look at the figures - which I've looked at every week - neither side is making the point accurately or fairly. 
That told 'em! (They took no notice).


  1. #hastheBBCfactcheckedDaveyet

  2. He's a Lib Dem. Doesn't like "Punch and Judy" politics.